April 20 webinar

Join us for this April 20 webinar, 10AM to 11AM EDT. Register here.

International Scholarly Engagement: Respecting Human Rights and Academic Freedom

International engagement is an essential part of scholarly work in public administration, but it poses challenges when academic freedom and human rights are disrespected and placed at risk. The global resurgence of authoritarianism has intensified these challenges.  What should individuals and institutions – universities, academic associations, journals, and accrediting bodies – do to assure that core values like human rights and academic freedom are protected when they work in other jurisdictions?


Chelsea Cohen, Acting Director, Membership & University Relations, Scholars at Risk, New York

Corinne Lennox, Co-Director, Human Rights Consortium, University of London; Member, UK Academic Freedom and Internationalisation Working Group


Michael Brintnall, Trustee of Montgomery College, Maryland, and former Executive Director of the American Political Science Association and of the National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration.

Meghna Sabharwal, Chair of the ASPA Section on International and Comparative Public Administration, and public and nonprofit management program head, University of Texas at Dallas

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